Day 2 Part Deux

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m happy to be in Oklahoma. Passing though Missouri was a bit treacherous, including one stretch of about 40 miles where the lanes looked like this:


Apparently MO had expanded the freeway and moved the lanes over without erasing the old lane markers, and none of the cars on the road knew which were the real lanes.  Fun!

On the bright side, though, our canvas tarp is, as Britney Spears says, stron-ger than yeeesterdaaaay. Anna knows how to tie some mean knots:


And what better way to keep the tarp tucked in than to shove a scraper in between it and the cab of the truck? I mean hey, if it flies out, we don’t need a scraper! Am I right?

(Ed. note: it didn’t fly out.)


And before you think we’re all drive and no fun, check out our touristy sightseeing:


It’s the St. Louis Arch!

Also, every time we’d pass a sign for this town, Anna said “ROLLA!” (you know, to rhyme with HOLLA!) And let me tell you, Rolla must be a very popular destination because there were a LOT of signs.


We ain’t no Rollaback girls. (Ed. note: Yes we are.)


2 Responses

  1. what can i say, road trips make me feel knotty.

  2. This was great. I’m glad you got the whole tarp situation figured out. It sounds like you girls are having a blast. Drive safely! Smooch.

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