Day 3: Tulsa to Moriarty

Despite our ever-flapping tarp, the drive from Oklahoma to New Mexico was much more pleasant (no rain!) than the day before. I marveled at the scenery:



…and Anna vogued while driving.


We were excited to see a REAL Indian at a rest stop near Oklahoma City:


Well, ok, it wasn’t a real Indian. But the sign behind this 20-foot tall statue enlightened us as to how Indians must feel about spirituality and patriotism:


For those of you who can’t read Cherokee, the sign says “IN GOD WE TRUST. GOD BLESS AMERICA.”

And speaking of God, did you know that the nation’s largest cross is located in Groom, Texas? It is:


The people you see at the bottom of the picture are life-size statues. So yes, this is a large cross.  And along with the main attractions and the 14 stations of the cross, there was a little memorial for the innocent victims of abortion. How sweet:


I looked and looked, but didn’t find where they put up the memorial for all of the victims of wars fought in the name of Christianity. Hm. I bet that part’s under construction or something; they couldn’t have forgotten it, could they?

They certainly did not forget the gift shop:


That’s right. Jesus Brand Jam.

What better way to end our little pit stop at Jesusland than a big gay kiss?


Tomorrow, on to Las Vegas!


3 Responses

  1. ha. did you notice that the indian is also racist? K oa K amping K abins. those crazy indians. no wonder we got rid of em. *swallows uncomfortable*

  2. Yeah, jeez.

  3. You’ve restored my desire to learn to drive – I want to vogue on the highway! Though probably that should wait until I am better behind the wheel, eh?

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