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Day 5: Moriarty to Las Vegas

Our epic road trip has almost come to an end. We have one more day of driving; Google tells us it will take 8 hours and 44 minutes, which, if experience serves, means it will take 12 hours. Today will take us about 140 miles out of the way, since for some reason we can’t go straight through Death Valley. Instead, we’ll go through Bakersfield! That’s kind of the same thing, right?

Some highlights from yesterday:


What? They have a veggie burger.


We saw dinosaurs. Not only are we traveling through the southwest, we are also traveling through TIME.

Here’s the close-up:


We stopped in Flagstaff, AZ to get our oil changed at Jiffy Lube and have vegan biscuits and gravy at Macy’s. A view of the San Francisco Peaks just north of town:


The sunsets in the southwest are possibly the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Illinois has nothing on you, Arizona.


When passing from Arizona into Nevada, we were stopped by a border patrol wanting to look inside our truck for firearms and drugs. We were told to take off the tarp (which would mean untying about seventeen knots) and wait for the officer to check through our belongings, but he let us off with only a quick check under one of the flaps, revealing a suitcase which he did not open. Guess we have an innocent look.

Hoover Dam!


Shortly after the dam, we saw the bright lights of Las Vegas!


Thanks to Brett, whom I met at a stage combat workshop a few years ago, we got to stay in a lovely room painted to look like a cake:


And now, the last leg of our journey to San Francisco.


3 Responses

  1. 1. I heart bad puns and therefore this blog
    2. Arizona has amazing sunsets and some of the prettiest places I’ve ever been in my whole life. I’m a woods girl, but I do love me some southwest, I tell you what.
    3. Cannot wait to visit you guys in SF

  2. haha, you make me laugh. glad you guys are having fun, anna!

  3. YAY! You made it! What time did you get in? Lvoign the blog – take ore photos!

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