Photos: Crete and Lesvos

Having left our camera cable in Romania, we got a little behind on posting pictures. Now that we’ve moved in to our apartment in San Francisco and found the local Radio Shack, we have the technology for a little time travel. Behold:

PICT2692 knos copy

The palace at Knossos, near Iraklio, Crete. (Or as the locals say, Creta.)

PICT2696 knos copy

Leading to the exit of the ruins.

PICT2705 irak copy

There wasn’t a whole lot of pretty in Iraklio, but there were some nice views of the sea.

PICT2721 myt copy

View from the Hotel Sappho in Mytilini, Lesvos.

PICT2727 myt copy

Same view, during the day.

PICT2730 myt copy

A street in Mytilini.

PICT2736 ska copy

Skala Eresou, where Sappho spent much of her life.

PICT2742 ska copy

Sunset in Skala Eresou.

PICT2744 ska copy

More Skala Eresou.

PICT2756 myt copy

This is when Anna tried to break into the castle at Mytilini, because it was closed.

PICT2760 myt copy

View from the castle.

PICT2766 myt copy

Some soldiers marching in Mytilini, the day we left.

Coming soon: Turkey!


One Response

  1. Awesome images! How would you rate your vacation overall? Towards the end, you sounded a little annoyed with the communication issues but thrilled with donuts and vegie food – YEAH! We are blessed to live with those luxuries, huh? AND ENCHILADAS!!! Did you know that the Aztecs acknowledged tamales as the food of the gods and men? I’ll vote for that!
    I digress……

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