Photos: Crete and Lesvos

Having left our camera cable in Romania, we got a little behind on posting pictures. Now that we’ve moved in to our apartment in San Francisco and found the local Radio Shack, we have the technology for a little time travel. Behold:

PICT2692 knos copy

The palace at Knossos, near Iraklio, Crete. (Or as the locals say, Creta.)

PICT2696 knos copy

Leading to the exit of the ruins.

PICT2705 irak copy

There wasn’t a whole lot of pretty in Iraklio, but there were some nice views of the sea.

PICT2721 myt copy

View from the Hotel Sappho in Mytilini, Lesvos.

PICT2727 myt copy

Same view, during the day.

PICT2730 myt copy

A street in Mytilini.

PICT2736 ska copy

Skala Eresou, where Sappho spent much of her life.

PICT2742 ska copy

Sunset in Skala Eresou.

PICT2744 ska copy

More Skala Eresou.

PICT2756 myt copy

This is when Anna tried to break into the castle at Mytilini, because it was closed.

PICT2760 myt copy

View from the castle.

PICT2766 myt copy

Some soldiers marching in Mytilini, the day we left.

Coming soon: Turkey!


Day 5: Moriarty to Las Vegas

Our epic road trip has almost come to an end. We have one more day of driving; Google tells us it will take 8 hours and 44 minutes, which, if experience serves, means it will take 12 hours. Today will take us about 140 miles out of the way, since for some reason we can’t go straight through Death Valley. Instead, we’ll go through Bakersfield! That’s kind of the same thing, right?

Some highlights from yesterday:


What? They have a veggie burger.


We saw dinosaurs. Not only are we traveling through the southwest, we are also traveling through TIME.

Here’s the close-up:


We stopped in Flagstaff, AZ to get our oil changed at Jiffy Lube and have vegan biscuits and gravy at Macy’s. A view of the San Francisco Peaks just north of town:


The sunsets in the southwest are possibly the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Illinois has nothing on you, Arizona.


When passing from Arizona into Nevada, we were stopped by a border patrol wanting to look inside our truck for firearms and drugs. We were told to take off the tarp (which would mean untying about seventeen knots) and wait for the officer to check through our belongings, but he let us off with only a quick check under one of the flaps, revealing a suitcase which he did not open. Guess we have an innocent look.

Hoover Dam!


Shortly after the dam, we saw the bright lights of Las Vegas!


Thanks to Brett, whom I met at a stage combat workshop a few years ago, we got to stay in a lovely room painted to look like a cake:


And now, the last leg of our journey to San Francisco.

Day 3: Tulsa to Moriarty

Despite our ever-flapping tarp, the drive from Oklahoma to New Mexico was much more pleasant (no rain!) than the day before. I marveled at the scenery:



…and Anna vogued while driving.


We were excited to see a REAL Indian at a rest stop near Oklahoma City:


Well, ok, it wasn’t a real Indian. But the sign behind this 20-foot tall statue enlightened us as to how Indians must feel about spirituality and patriotism:


For those of you who can’t read Cherokee, the sign says “IN GOD WE TRUST. GOD BLESS AMERICA.”

And speaking of God, did you know that the nation’s largest cross is located in Groom, Texas? It is:


The people you see at the bottom of the picture are life-size statues. So yes, this is a large cross.  And along with the main attractions and the 14 stations of the cross, there was a little memorial for the innocent victims of abortion. How sweet:


I looked and looked, but didn’t find where they put up the memorial for all of the victims of wars fought in the name of Christianity. Hm. I bet that part’s under construction or something; they couldn’t have forgotten it, could they?

They certainly did not forget the gift shop:


That’s right. Jesus Brand Jam.

What better way to end our little pit stop at Jesusland than a big gay kiss?


Tomorrow, on to Las Vegas!

Day 2 Part Deux

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m happy to be in Oklahoma. Passing though Missouri was a bit treacherous, including one stretch of about 40 miles where the lanes looked like this:


Apparently MO had expanded the freeway and moved the lanes over without erasing the old lane markers, and none of the cars on the road knew which were the real lanes.  Fun!

On the bright side, though, our canvas tarp is, as Britney Spears says, stron-ger than yeeesterdaaaay. Anna knows how to tie some mean knots:


And what better way to keep the tarp tucked in than to shove a scraper in between it and the cab of the truck? I mean hey, if it flies out, we don’t need a scraper! Am I right?

(Ed. note: it didn’t fly out.)


And before you think we’re all drive and no fun, check out our touristy sightseeing:


It’s the St. Louis Arch!

Also, every time we’d pass a sign for this town, Anna said “ROLLA!” (you know, to rhyme with HOLLA!) And let me tell you, Rolla must be a very popular destination because there were a LOT of signs.


We ain’t no Rollaback girls. (Ed. note: Yes we are.)

Day 1, in pictures

We had to fit this:


into here:


and wrap it up like this:


With love like this:


What could go wrong?



Day 1, The End.